REACH Automation

Accelerate your digital processes with an hybrid approach

Expedite completion of complex workflows


Extensive APIs

Bi-directional data flow integration capability from the forms to your back-end systems (& vice versa)

Initiate workflows using your familiar touchpoints such as website, app and CRM

Ease your integration efforts with detailed published APIs

Multi step / Multi Party

Enable users to collaborate in multiple phases and channels, both in self-service and real-time modes

Seamlessly move from a self-service to real-time mode (& vice versa) without losing data

Flexibility - add documents/recipients/fields while in a real-time session

Engage with up to 8 people during the same session

Workflow builder

Easily build your workflows and templates

Start instantly - Use your own documents to create templates

Label your data fields and seamlessly integrate them with your back-end systems


Use only the REACH's capabilities you need

Continue to use your existing solutions (ID Ver, e-signature etc.) while seamlessly integrating them with REACH's desired capablilities

Pay only for the capabilites you use

Dashboard / Analytics

Easily access all outputs of the sessions (signed documents, recordings, uploaded files, audit trail, etc)

Maintain control over the process (status updates as well as "live document" visibility)

Take actionable decisions based on detailed session data analytics

Ready to increase your team's efficiency?