REACH Closing
Seal the deal in one call
Increase your closing ratios by up to 15% & accelerate closing processes
Digital signatures
In-session compliant electronic signature from any device
Get your client's binding approval while still on the call
Record and store e-signatures according to strictest eSIGN regulation
Witnessing tool
Record all data inputs and actions for compliance purposes
Sophisticated recording captures audio and video communication as well as all annotations in the document
Reduce legal risk by providing strong evidence that the transaction occurred
Supplemental files upload
Reduce process time by securely capturing all relevant transaction related documents
Files can be viewed and verified by the agent in real time
All uploaded files are automatically stored in the archive and can be accessed from the agent's dashboard
Bi-directional Share Screen
Show your screen to the customer to make sure you're both aligned
All participants can share their screens
Support your sales efforts by showing the actual product/service in real time
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